Sibling Testing in Phoenix, AZ

Sibling DNA testing can be legal or private. Sometimes the alleged father is not available. Comparing his children can help determine paternity. The Genetics Company is the more knowledgeable source for sibling testing.
Siblings - DNA Testing in Phoenix, AZ

Sibling DNA Testing Is Based On 2 Key Ideas:

1. Do the siblings have the same mother?
2. What are the genders of the alleged siblings?

It is very important that every effort be made to include one or both mothers in testing. The Genetics Company will provide a consultation to help you interpret the results.

The Genetics Company Offers The Following DNA Tests:

  • Full vs. Half Siblings
  • Full vs. Unrelated Siblings
  • Half vs. Unrelated Siblings
  • Y Chromosome Testing
To help you decide which DNA test is best for you, please call The Genetics Company in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss your case.