Private Paternity Testing in Phoenix, AZ

Paperwork - DNA Testing in Phoenix, AZ
Private DNA tests are debatably court admissible. The Genetics Company peace of mind DNA samples are collected by a certified collector at one of our locations. The results of this test are for private reasons only. This test is our low cost option. For information on our DNA test cost please contact us at 623-594-1605.

  • Less Expensive DNA testing option.
  • DNA Test results are private and for personal knowledge only.
  • Fast Results. Testing Time 3-4 working days. DNA results delivered by text message, email and US Mail.
  • Collections are conducted by DNA Certified Collectors, Testing conducted in an Accredited Laboratory.
  • Private DNA Pricing Starts at $200


When submitting to a Private DNA test you may be asked to provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Collection
  • Race
You are not required to list any other identification information. Anonymous testing is available.

Informed Consent

You will read the terms of service. If you have any questions about these terms you must discuss them with your DNA collector. When you are certain you understand the terms you will then sign the informed consent.

Sample Envelopes

DNA samples will be placed in envelopes, before DNA collection envelopes will be labeled for each person being tested with their name.


While wearing gloves the collector will remove one sterile swab from its wrapper. The DNA collector will then rub the swab in the mouth of the donor for 30 or more seconds. If you are collecting your ... Read more

Do Not Mix Samples

DNA samples from only one individual should be placed in each envelope. Each envelope should have a different person's swabs in it.