Grandparent Testing in Phoenix, AZ

Grandparents can be compared to the child can help determine paternity. Grandparent DNA testing can be legal or private. Grandparent testing is often used in social security cases and establishing grandparent's rights.
Grandmother and Granddaughter - DNA Testing in Phoenix, AZ

Grandparent DNA Testing Is Based On 2 Key Ideas:

  • Will you include the mother in testing?
  • Which parents of the alleged father will you test?

It is very important that every effort be made to include the mother in testing.

A grandparent DNA test is the closest test to a paternity test - when all four participants are included. Including fewer persons is possible. The Genetics Company has the most experience in kinship DNA testing, and we can help you interpret the results.

The Genetics Company Offers The Following Tests:

  • Mother & Child vs. Grandmother & Grandfather (Best Test)
  • Mother & Child vs. Grandmother
  • Mother & Child vs. Grandfather
  • Child vs. Grandmother
  • Child vs. Grandfather
  • Y Chromosome Testing
To help you decide which DNA test is best for you, please call The Genetics Company in Phoenix Arizona to discuss your case.